Millennium Quest

Multi Cultural

Millennium Quest have had the privilege of designing decorations for many of the Multicultural Festivals being celebrated throughout the UK.  If you celebrate it, be assured we can illuminate it, exactly to your specifications and within a reasonable budget.  We are able to produce completely bespoke displays for your celebrations whether you want one or one hundred.   We give all projects total commitment, enabling us to produce high quality, bespoke designs for all your festivals including Diwali, Eid and Vaisakhi.

Member of the ILE, SLCC and Association of Town Centre Managers.

SAFEcontractor and ContractorPlus Accredited.


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Millennium Quest has met Leicester City Council's high standards when supplying equipment for festive celebrations. Of particular note has been the company's enthusiasm, its' speed of delivery and the ability to build a quality product.

The Association of Town Centre Management SAFEcontractor Institution of Lighting Professionals Contractor Plus