Millennium Quest

Mission Statement

We endeavour to apply the highest standards of excellence, providing technical competence and ethical integrity to all our purchasing, installations and other services.

At Millennium Quest we encourage working together as a team and also individually, treating each other with respect and dignity. We share our inspirations and encourage the same in each other to provide innovative and cost effective designs for year round illumination of Towns, Cities and Shopping Centres throughout Europe. 

Our aim is to contribute positively to our multi cultural communities, respecting and encouraging them to embrace and celebrate their different cultural festivals. The team’s inspiration is customer satisfaction and the ‘feel good’ quality our displays give to our partners and the individual communities within their town or city.

Members of the ILE, SLCC and Association of Town Centre Managers

SAFEcontractor and ContractorPlus Accredited

Millennium Quest has delivered on everything we've asked for and from concept to the actual 'Switch-On' they have always been on hand to assist and advise us on our new illuminations

The Association of Town Centre Management SAFEcontractor Institution of Lighting Professionals Contractor Plus